Monday, April 16, 2012

Hanging Succulents Garden {Part 1}

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 

So, I read many blogs of women who's husbands are the "handy" men and get involved with their wives projects around the house... maybe they help build or paint etc. 

Well, my husband is incredible... but he usually thinks I'm a bit crazy whenever I get out the paint and nails. His comments usually involve some form of "uh oh" or "are we rearranging this room... again?"
 He is totally supportive but not very hands on. 
(Partly because he works so hard so I can stay home and enjoy my projects.) 

BUT, this weekend was different!

I had pinned some hanging succulent gardens that I really liked and when I showed him some of the pics he actually thought they were great. He was like "hey, we could totally do that!"

I had to pinch myself... WE can!? 

Now, one thing my husband does enjoy is being THRIFTY...

So off on a walk we went to "steal" some succulent trimmings from around the neighborhood to begin our garden... (Don't worry, we asked first haha)

Here's how our garden turned out... And here's a tutorial for you to make your own! 
This is Part 1 because my next idea is to make a frame for our garden with some old barn wood or pallets.
 I'll post that part later on when its all complete. 

Here's the step by step tutorial...

I asked the garden store if I could have a  few of these trays and they gladly gave me some for free... 
You;ll also need a garbage bag, dried moss ( I found it at Michael's) and cactus or succulent soil as well as a glue gun.

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Step 3: 

Step 4: 

Step 5: 
Basically, stick the ends of the succulents into the soil by making holes through the moss... To learn more about the care of succulents check out this LINK

I like the way it turned out and I can't wait to see how they grow and fill in... I decided to try succulents because I definitely do NOT have a green thumb.
In fact, my husband said, "hey even you can't kill these little guys..."  *wink wink
Well, we will see.
 Now, to make a pretty frame for my new outdoor artwork. Part 2 coming soon... 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chippy Table Love

This has been such a wonderful week for me! I had been feeling so weary and I am so thankful for the little joys that lifted my heart this week... Silly things, like my husband finding a gorgeous white old chippy window in the dumpster... And important things like finding out I got a new job! I'll be the Elementary Coordinator for Children's ministry at our church! Such an answer to prayer!

And, really fun things like finding this amazing little table for free.... 

It needed a little work because it was REALLY chippy and a bit wobbly. I sanded it down, sealed it with a few coats of clear, and re-enforced some of the screws. 

Isn't it just adorable! My husband thinks its really girly... but I'm in love. {Yes, with both the table and my husband ha!} 

I added a table runner and some place settings... with cute nests for Easter...

See the dumpster rescued window in the background! Still have to figure out how and where to hang it.

Well, I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter Weekend! 
Nana and Papa are in town and Ava will be spoiled rotten I'm sure. 
Can't wait to celebrate our RISEN Lord. 
Happy Easter!

Linkys I'm lovin...


Monday, April 2, 2012

Linen Closet Project

Here's a quick post to show you my newly organized closet! 
I got motivated to get organized and went a little crazy labeling everything. 
I'm happy with how it turned out though and I found the baskets for super cheap at Home Goods on clearance.

I used chalk and slate coasters as my labels...

 And mixed and matched a few baskets...

It turned out so cute maybe I should take the door off and leave it open? What do you think? 
Ahhh it feels good to have things organized... and pretty too. 

Happy Monday Everyone!

Are you a member of the BBC?

This has been a VERY exciting and full week for me in the great bloggy world! I was honored to do a giveaway at Eisy Morgan (Still going on so go enter!) AND today I get to hang out at A Simply Klassic Home as a part of the BBC! What is the BBC, you ask? 

Well, its the Beginner Bloggers Club! Kristin at A Simply Klassic Home was inspired to start the BBC as a way to introduce new bloggers to the bloggy world as well as allow the old pro bloggers to mentor the newbies. Brilliant isn't it!

I am so honored to be the first newbie to share my story today and really looking forward to the advice the mentors will be offering. 
Here are the lovely mentors...

And click HERE to see my contribution to the series!
I hope you'll come visit and we can all learn something new together!