Friday, December 16, 2011

Vintage Christmas Postcards

I love old things. I love traditions. Christmas time in our family is full of old things passed down and traditions. This year my mom pulled out some post cards that were written to and from some of our family members starting in 1908. One thing I love about Christmas is receiving so many Christmas cards... It is an old tradition of sending love and spreading cheer during Christmas and I'm so glad it has carried on. Here are some of my favorites from our family years ago...


  1. I just love vintage Christmas postcards. I also like the vintage flower ones since I'm a florist. I would like to try embellishing them just a bit with micro fine glitter some day.

  2. Oh Cool! We found about 600 cards after my grandmother died. They are so great! We all share them and have scanned them so we all have copies of all of them! I never thought I would EVER actually hold one of them, let alone from my own family! :)

  3. Those are amazing!! How special that they have remained in your family after all these years. I wish Christmas cards were still that pretty! I'm your newest follower :) would be so grateful if you stopped by ours too!

  4. Those are beautiful!

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