Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tantrums and a Surprise...

Ok, please tell me there are other moms out there who have had to walk away and take a deep breath before calmly disciplining their children. This was me last week when my precious {almost} 2 year old daughter threw our laptop computer on the floor in a temper tantrum of epic proportions. It was partly my fault for leaving it open on the coffee table. I guess it was a good reminder that spending quality time with her is still my number 1 priority. After a time out for both mom and baby, I came back to realize our computer screen had shattered with "spider webs" across the whole thing. Of course, warranty doesn't cover "that kind of damage"- oh you mean "two-year-old tantrum damage". Bummer. 

We could have replaced the screen but we'd been having trouble with the computer anyway. Oh and did I mention I just started a "work from home" job. My husband said we'd have to wait til at least next month to figure out what to do about replacing it. 

But little did I know, he had something up his sleeve. As I was packing for our trip to Portland (more on that later) I came in to zip up my suitcase and found a new MacBook Pro sitting in my suitcase with a little card... Here's what it said, 

"Happy Early Mother's Day! 
Thank you, babe, for being a great mom and an even better wife!
Happy Blogging ;)

Love, your husband"

Turns out our tax return was significant this year and he decided to spoil me. 
I am so excited! He's so good to me. 

So, I'm back. So sorry if I haven't gotten back to you if you've commented or started following... 
I'll be in touch soon! 
And I have a couple fun projects that I finished while I wasn't distracted by all my other favorite blogs last week. Including a burlap sack turned curtain valance... Here's a sneak peak...


  1. How lucky you must be pretty darn sweet too I'm guessing

  2. Oh my goodness what an amazing man! I love it when they come up with surprises on their own. What a great early mothers day gift. Good luck with your new job too.

  3. WOW! That is fantastic! and yes little ones do have tantrums...


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