Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Bedroom Makeover... And Some Good Bedtime Reading.

As renters, not owners of our little two bedroom "condo" as I like to call it, I am often limited in what I can do. We are allowed to paint, thank goodness, but we have to be careful about holes in the walls or any permanent changes. We've lived here for a few months but I have left our master bedroom for last. I finally finished it this weekend. (Well, mostly.) What room is ever truly "finished", right girls? Anyway, I wanted to do something different on the walls but my husband hates painting and we'd have to undo anything we do when we move out someday. 
So, I just went for it. I put a whole book (well actually 3 books) on the wall. Page by Page. 
Here is the before wall as I was getting started... 


I used the little "dots" that are made for scrapbooking or photos to secure each page to the wall, overlapping as I went... Easy to remove without damaging the wall...

I also added some new accessories... I LOVE this old rusty birdcage I found at a local thrift store.

And the reading nook...

I really wanted our room to be soft and relaxing with lots of textures. I breathe a sigh of contentment as I sink into bed at the end of the day. My husband teases me that our bedtime reading is nice and convenient now. I love how it turned out. 

Here are some more pics of the whole room...

Thanks for visiting... I'm off to read in bed.. ahhhh.

Kirstin Joy


  1. I love it Kirstin! That book page wall is beautiful!!

  2. I love the beds. They are really great. Want to have those.

  3. Very interesting. Love how soft it all seems

  4. Love it all! Especially love how everything is grouped, ie. bird with birdcage. Everything seems to fit perfectly! Such a restful space and those book pages are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. x Julie

  5. That's a remarkably creative idea! I never would have thought of it. You really should publish a book with all your creative ideas. I'd buy it!

  6. Love your bedroom!! And that wall is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your room looks awesome! Love the book pages on the wall, especially.

  8. OK! I prefer the truth so, in the first photo, I was sure you were nuts. By the last photo I had fallen in love with your bedroom. It is beautiful. BRAVO!

  9. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award-congrats! You can find details on my blog :)

  10. I love it! The book page wall looks so pretty with all the different patina on the pages!


  11. I found you from Must Love Junk- congrats on your award. The bedroom "wallpaper" is so clever!I am your newest follower.

  12. Ditto - visiting and following from MLJ. :)
    Love your style and many of the same objects you do!

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