Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Here is a pic of my little kitty cat all dressed up and ready for her first trick-or-treating experience. I absolutely love seeing all the little kids dressed up on this night... My favorite costume as a kid was a lady-bug that my Momma made. I had high aspirations to make Ava a costume this year but I started too late and never ended up having time to work on it. So, Costco saved the day. I did manage to add a bow and paint her face at least! We've had some great family times the last few days which is such a relief as Tyler and I have both been so busy and working so much.
Can't wait to take Avaree around the neighborhood tonight and then watch her Dad and Uncle eat all her candy! ;)
On a completely different subject... I am itching to show you all my garage sale finds from the weekend... But they will have to wait until later this week. Check back soon for some furniture make-over excitement!

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