Monday, November 14, 2011

Cleaning the Garage... Finding Treasures!

As I've shared before, my parents house is FULL of antiques and treasures which have been passed down for generations. Two weekends ago Avaree and I went to visit for the weekend while Mr. B&B worked. I LOVE my family and every time I go home it feels like taking a big, deep breath of fresh air. Momma made biscuits and gravy or chicken and dumplings and lots of yummy comfort food. (No they don't live in the South :).. Southern California actually! ha!) I got to see my little sister who is a junior in college. It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend and Avaree got to spend some good snuggle time with "Nana" and "Papa" too! 

But what I want to share with you are the treasures I "inherited" from their garage... My Momma had a cousin who lived in a farmhouse (a crooked, falling down, farmhouse) in Kansas. He died about 10 years ago and had so much stuff that my Momma has still not gone through it all. We went through box after box of letters, postcards, pictures, knick knacks, kitchenware, and other fascinating "old" things. 

Here are some of the things I brought home! (Except the monogrammed cup, that is from Anthropologie)

We found this old grain/ corn sack that I made into a pillow...

These old shelves were varnished and I painted them white... The top one was used to hang by the door to hold rock salt. It was used to throw salt on the sidewalk to melt ice before going out.

And lastly, my FAVORITE! We found countless letters and postcards dated from 1907... Look at the handwriting on these post cards... The stamps were 1/2 a cent and 1 cent. This was my 4th cousin who was writing to his wife and love... So beautiful and romantic! We also found some accounting books and notebooks...They look so perfect on my secretary desk...


Isn't it great to find treasures... especially with such great family stories! 

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  1. Wow!!! Lucky you! I LOVE everything, but my favorites are the ironstone pitcher and letters!!

  2. Agh... I love it all! Such great finds, I love it! = )

  3. Beautiful finds, you must be so very pleased!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. You created new memories while sifting through old memories, that's beautiful.

    Thanks for linking up to Beautiful Junk Saturday.

  5. There is nothing better than family treasures don't ya just love hearing the stories that goes along with them items?

  6. Treasures indeed! Love!

    Thanks for your visit before. Your blog is so great, glad to have found you.

    Also, I have an awesome throw pillow giveaway happening now -- if you'd like, I'd love if you came by and entered!


  7. You can start making some money out of them. Ready for the market.


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