Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mason Jar Wall Decor

Hello friends,

I posted this project awhile ago and somehow it got deleted as I was working on designing my blog... So here it is again... A Mason Jar Sconce Tutorial...

I had some wainscoting paneling left over from another project and I decided to use it to make some mason jar wall sconces. I've seen this done in several different ways but here's a tutorial for my design...

The Finished Product...

2 Large Mason Canning Jars
22 gauge (0.65mm) wire (Size doesn't matter as long as it is bendable and twistable)
wainscot paneling (or any kind of reclaimed wood or scrap paneling can work... be creative for the background)
wire cutters & pliers
metal "plumbers tape"
1 small screw

Step 1: Twist wire around the mason jar to create this "basket handle" look.( I actually had some jars that already had the wire that I recently found at Ross.)

Here is a link to a tutorial to create your own mason jars
with the wire handles... Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns Tutorial

Step 2: Cut a 6 inch piece of the plumbers tape and loop under the wire on mason jar. ( I tried this several ways before deciding to secure it this way. Another option is to secure it so that the mason jar is hanging from the wire handle.)

Step 3: Bend the plumbers tape around the wire so that two holes line up. (you might have to cut off excess)
Step 4: Lay down the backing and center the mason jar. Secure plumbers tape by inserting screw through the holes. Screw into backing with screwdriver...

Step 5: Add your favorite flowers or candles, etc.

P.S. I am in the process of creating more to sell in an etsy shop... coming soon if you are interested :)

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